Our tenants write

The first week in May is probably a bit early for the good bathroom, but Natalie at 6 has a bath and big bucks on the beach. Otherwise we have been on trips to Cannes and to Montecarlo. We have eaten and enjoyed ourselves, and gone many trips.We have had a nice week and are looking forward to coming back.

May – Anne-Berit w / family.

The whole family has had a lot of fun this week. Great apartment, and a wonderful place. We spent most of the week at the beach. Lotte brought the mams with him in the morning bath in the pool. We had delicious breakfasts each morning with fresh bread and good French bacon, eggs and cheeses! We went a day to the old town of Antibes, trotted around the city and on the docks to see some boat luxury. Mom and Lone took the Ferris wheel, which gives a great view from the top. Fun. We hope to be able to come back to explore the place and its surroundings even more, and going to Monaco is also tempting. Thank you for this time.

June – Vibekke, Ketil, Lone, Lotte and mother-in-law Lilly.and other on the beach

We have had a lovely and warm holiday week here in Juan les pins. Great weather every single day. Tomorrow is the day of departure and reported rain. We are nose to Nice and a new place to stay. Looking forward! We lay by the pool one day and enjoyed ourselves. We think the beach and the sea are the best! We rented sun loungers for a few days. Absolutely great if you want a little more luxury, good food and dining right down to the beach. We have rented a car and seen the old town in Many narrow streets and alleys, fun shops and nice places to eat. We went to EZE village, a small medieval village up in the mountains, east of Nice. It was 45 minutes by car from here. It is recommended! Today we go to Vence, and Sunday to Monaco. Thank you for having us!

July – Linda, Florian, Eva and Isaac.

This is the third time we are vacationing for a week in the apartment.This time is daughter, son-in-law and three children with us. Minimum of four got their own cot, and everything worked very well. The guys of four, 10 and 12 have big food in the water. mostly in the pool. Have had a visit from friends, who also rent apartments nearby – when we were 13 for lunch. Works great! Have been on excursion by bus to Cannes and one to Monaco by train, where everything seemed very clean and orderly. at the train station and in the alleys down to the city and the harbor. It is a great aquarium to see, and very exciting for the guys at the harbor. Otherwise, we have been out dining in the old town of Antibes and several nice restaurants in Juan les Pins. Thanks for us!

July / August – Anne-Berit with family.

We have enjoyed ourselves in this beautiful apartment and the cityHave long good days on the beach, eaten in Golfe Juan and juan les Pins. Took the bus one day to Cannes, which is a great city. We did some shopping too. One day we had a nice trip to Antibes, a great city. Many great boats.

The temperature has been at 28 C, with 24-25 degrees in the sea. Thanks for us!!

August – Torhild with family

We arrived at the apartment on Saturday. Had a couple of days of rain and heavy clouds. Then we took a trip to Biot, Monaco and a nice trip in nice in rented car. Tuesday was brilliant weather and the days went swimming, sunbathing, eating on Brittany beach. Great beach and location. we found the restaurant “Aux Enfants Terribles” – lovely food. Friday we drove to Cannes and the small beautiful town of Moughines. Great experience! Thank you so much for this great week in a great apartment. Thanks to Åse and Kjell, who wanted us mwd. Will be happy to come back!

August – Åse, Kjell, Jane and Hans

Another oak is over. Now is the third year we are here – this time we have daughter, son-in-law and 3 grandchildren of 1, 3 and 5 years. We have had lovely weather! The bath in the pool, and the ocean. We have been to Nice, the old town of Antibes. the young couple has been to Monaco. The kids have been great, could have been another week, but work and kindergarten are waiting! We would love to come back!

September – Synnøve, Arnfrid, Adrian, Sunniva, Ella and Erling.

Thanks for another nice week in a nice apartment. The weather has been good. We have visited St.Marguent Island, been to Nice, Cannes and Antibes. Great days with lots of fun, good food and good drinks. We have trudged and gone, brought with us most of the sights in the area. We return to the apartment, the three sisters with men, who were here last time.

September – Synnøve, Hilde and Sogrun

Then the autumn holidays are soon over, and we will probably be mostly in today Friday. Last day here, and first with rain. We have had many nice days and been on trips to Antibes, cannes, Nive and Monaco. Train and bus work very well, so the excursions have given us many nice experiences. In Montecarlo we were outside the First Palace when Prince Albert came home and it was of course “us” he waved to. We have eaten well at several different restaurants. The Sim of 12 got us on Subway in Nice. A new experience for us a little older .. We also had some walks on beaches in the immediate area. In Juan les Pins we have eaten well and in Golfe Juan there are good restaurants by the harbor. We also managed to grill lovely meat from the butcher in the mall. there we also bought fresh baked goods every morning. For the youngest it was a pity that the pool closed on Monday, but after all we had a nice week. the apartment is top notch.

September / October – Ulla, Rino, Karina and Tommy

A nice week is soon over. We have been enjoying the weather almost all the time. The first night there was terrible storms in the neighboring towns, but not with us. The season is a bit lucky, so many places are closed, but we have had good food, have bathed and gone to Golfe Juan, and taken the train to Nice.Two of the days we rented sun loungers on the beach. it was great food and super service and good drinks.Tobias at 3 found a super playground in the middle of the city of Juan les Pins, otherwise we have not seen much like this here. Thank you for having us! We would love to come again!

October – Bente, Morten with children and grandchildren

Great apartment, and nicely located. Great weather all the time, except today, when we were in Monaco.

Lots of good food, nice walks, and not least swimming.

Let’s hope we get a chance later. Thank you for having us.

Marianne, Sindre and Nils Petter


Great apartment and lovely weather! We have been to Golfe Juan, Cannes, Antibes, Nice and Monaco. We have driven buses and trains, trudged and gone – and eaten lovely food. The “Les enfantes terribles” restaurant had lovely lamb shank – it is highly recommended. Not far to walk either.

We have been 3 sisters with men. One man got into trouble with the podagra – unfortunately. That’s life. Otherwise everything has been great! We would love to come again. We have bathed in both the sea and the pool. Gorgeous!


Synnøve, Sigrunn and Gudrun

Great weather all week. We have taken many trips, taken a sightseeing bus and really looked around as tourists. The bathroom in the pool – very nice to have so close. A lot eaten out. Highly recommend good restaurants in Golfe Juan. We’ve left the business card. One of the proprietors is Swedish and it was great to get a good explanation of the food – good food was there too.

Great store in the immediate area. Convenient and decent apartment. Good with extra summer !.


Turid and Per

We had a great week here in the apartment and in the nice area around Juan les Pins. Good and warm all week, some mixed weather, but we have had enough sun, and have taken a bath in the sea every day. A trip to Cannes by bus. Very okay! Took the tourist train where we learned a lot about the city that way.

Recommended. A walk in ancient Antibes, eating flamed pancakes. Very good. Cesar, a small restaurant near the local market, is highly recommended. Otherwise, there are many good eateries in Juan les Pins. Something for every taste.

Then we say thank you very much for this time. We would love to come back.


Anne-Berit, Per, Gunnar and Inger-Lise

Great with some extra summer!

We have bathed in the sea, in the pool, and coaxed ourselves.


Familien S.

We have had some nice sunny days in Juan les Pins. Most days we spent in the immediate area, especially on the beach. It has become a day trip to Monaco, and an evening trip to Cannes. Both can be recommended .. We hope for an early reunion with the French Riviera. Thank you for having us!


Morten, Morten, Christian and Sveinung

We have had a wonderful stay. Juan les Pins has it all, and the apartment has been perfect for us, a family of five. We hope for another trip!


Ingrid, Ingvild, Nora, Jan and Eli

We had a great stay with lovely morning swimming in the pool and sea. We have driven many trips to nearby towns and places. The trip to Monte Carlo is highly recommended. Nice weather all week. Thank you for having us.


Randi, Terje, Barbro and Inger

Short way to water and lots of sun is great when you have nice + slow meals on the terrace.

Highly recommend a trip to la village perchée Èze. Very nice views, lovely food and an interesting garden with an endless number of cacti in countless varieties.


Barbro, Frode and Antonia

Thank you for a great stay here in the nice apartment in Juan les Pins. Have had many nice days of trips to Frejus, St. Tropez, Mogin and Cannes. Can be recomended!

Slight downside that the pool was not open, especially for the kids, who had been looking forward to swimming there.But, otherwise a great stay!


Svein, Ingeborg, Terje and Marie

Thank you very much for some nice days here in the apartment. We have bathed massively in the pool and in the sea. We have been to Cannes and Antibes. In the center we found a great playground.


Sølvi, Lasse and Emma

We arrived at the apartment on Saturday at 13, after a nice flight, and very good directions here.Three ladies on a girl trip, full of expectations for a week on the Riviera. We certainly had a wonderful week. The apartment is super, the beds very good. We only got hot water after one night, when it was turned off, and we had to ask the neighbor for help….

We have had a day in Nice, especially the old town impressed us. A walk to Golfe Juan, and look at the boats there, rather the yachts !!

We experienced Cannes in full preparation for the film festival, which is next week. Hoped for a glimpse of a celebrity, but we were probably out early for that.

On Wednesday we took the train to Monaco, and we spent the whole day there. Incredibly fascinating and plenty to see for tourists.

Otherwise, we have tried out several restaurants here in Juan les Pins; shopped a little and bathed 2-3 times. Some walks in the sun were good on winter pale bodies. We thank you for an unforgettable week with many experiences, sun and heat.


Nanchy, Wenche and Ellen

We have every guest at Grini Consult in their apartment A for four summers. We experience the location and the standard of the apartment, which very well. It is practically furnished and well equipped with the most. Suitable for families with children, and good adults.

It is especially nice with the terrace in the morning and the garden in the afternoon. A place we want to come back to.

Ms Yvonne, Hans and Aleksander, Oslo

We have vacationed in Juan Flore for a number of years, both in apartments D and E. Both are very nice and delicately furnished, very well equipped and beautifully maintained. The area and the place are also spot on: clean, nice and safe within walking distance to most: beach and sea, grocery store with good selection of groceries, kiosk, pharmacy, small restaurants / cafes etc.. Furthermore, it only takes 10-15 min. on foot to get to the city center (Juan les Pins) with all imaginable offers. In addition, the distance to Nice airport is very affordable. with a bus stop right by Juan Flore.
We would love to come back to enjoy several summer holidays in Juan Flore with sun and beach during the day, and nice ‘velvet evenings’ on the terrace after dark!

Courtesy of Torill and Åse, Oslo.

We had a wonderful week in Juan les pins. The beach is terrific. There were many first four days. Absolutely delicious with a nice welcome from the staff at the beach restaurant. It was overcast and a little rainy, but then we just used the opportunity to look around a bit. We took a trip to Nice, where we took a tour of the sightseeing bus, and otherwise did some shopping. We have received good food wherever we have eaten. The apartment we think is super nice. Lovely with air conditioning, many rooms, bright and cozy. We are so happy to be tourists here. The French are really nice. It has been in English, sign language and some French words. We have made a big effort and do not want to go home. The bath temperature was + – 20 degrees. Really delicious. May 17 was celebrated with May 17, decorated breakfast table, otherwise a trip to the beach, before we went out to eat – our last night for this time.

We hope we can come back here sometime. Thanks for us!

11.05 – 18.05

Mai-Lene, Rolf, Bente Anne, Nina and Morten

We had an absolutely wonderful week here in Juan les Pins. We have bathed a lot, both in the pool (about 27 C) and from the beach. On the beach we rented sunbeds (cost about 10 – 15 Euro) and it was worth it. We have eaten at nice restaurants on the beach. The food service usually starts in 19 hours.

The walk to the city center takes 10 – 15 minutes. We were on a trip to Biot and to Marineland, where we saw shows with killer whales and dolphins. We should have had another week. Great apartment with everything we need.

16-22 June

Siv Monica, Isaac and Iselin

We had a great week here. The apartment has everything one needs – the pool and beach have also come to expect. The weather has proven its best. Trips to Monaco, Nice and Cannes have also come. Will miss the morning bath and coffee on the terrace. Lovely place. Thank you for having us.

22.06 – 29.06

Anbjørg, Sylvia, Anniken and Camilla

After an absolutely lovely week we leave home early Saturday morning. Has cost us a great apartment. Have had lovely weather all day, so we have been to the beach (with the yellow loungers), where there is incredibly nice service. We have eaten good food both in restaurants and in the apartment, which is well equipped. Will be happy to come again on a later occasion, when they only went to Cannes and Nice because the week went by too fast.

Thank you for having us!


Trine, Morten, Susanne, Mariann, Stian and Nine

Hi, Hi, Thank you so much for a super nice trip. The apartment is super and the surrounding area incredibly cozy for both old and young. We have had a brilliant week, and I dread to come home to the cold in Norway, but it will be a bit delicious and.


Thanks for a super week down here, have had a great time. The apartment and location are super and it is very nice here. Could have been longer. Have been varied weather but very hot.



It has been a great holiday week here in Juan les Pins. Nice and practical apartment, sunny and warm, walks along the stand, many bathrooms, lots of good food – and wine. We have taken the train to Menton and Cagnes-sur-Mer. We went up to Haut-de Cagnes, a very nice place with great views. We have visited the Renoir Museum. Thank you for having us.


Eva, Anne-Lise, Rolf, Ove and Anne

We have had a brilliant week here. The apartment is great with super location compared to

beach, pool and just fit far for more “noise”. A quiet and comfortable area. We have had many morning baths in the sea – wonderful and refreshing 22 C in the water., About 20 – 25 in the air all week.

We have been several trips to Antibes and the Old Town + Picasso Museum. Has also been on a road trip to Mougins, an old mountain village inside the remains of ancient ramparts dating from the 1400s. A popular destination for tourists in the area – and has many good eateries. Highly recommend a trip there!

Otherwise, all the restaurants we have visited have had good food and good drinks !!! We also made a couple of lovely dinners and lunches in the apartment. Will be happy to come back. Thank you for having us!

21.09 – 28.09

Anne-Berit, Per, Gunnar and Inger Lise

A great autumn holiday with sun and swimming. Slightly varied weather with lightning and thunder a day, sunny and partly cloudy for the rest of the week. The water has been warm and we have bathed a lot in the sea. Nice with swimming pool for keen swimmers. The guys have been fishing too

The teenage girls are very happy with life and especially with shopping, both in Juan les Pins and in Nice! The apartment is both spacious and convenient in a good location. Will be happy to come back !!

28.09 – 04.10

Hege, Bjørn-Vidar, Johanne and Thor